Babies can identify their own bodies

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Can Babies identify their own bodies?

Here is a study that proves Babies can identify their own bodies


Scientists have found that Newborn babies have the ability to differentiate their own body from others.

  • How Babies can identify their own bodies
    The ability to differentiate your own body from others is a fundamental skill, critical for humans’ ability to interact with their environments and the people around them.

Researchers have now provided some of the first evidence on how Babies can identify their own bodies : newborn babies enter the world with the essential mechanisms for this kind of body awareness already in place.

How identification of mechanism takes place?

The identification of these mechanisms at birth in the current study sheds light on the typical trajectory of body awareness across development

Findings relevant to the investigations: Our findings may also be relevant to the investigation of early predictors of developmental disorders in infants, such as autism, where an impairment in the discrimination of self/other is believed to be present. Earlier studies in adults showed that the integration of information from different senses is key to body awareness.

If an individual watches another person's face being touched as his or her own face is touched in the same way, the perception of self actually shifts to partially incorporate that other face.

Just as in those earlier adult studies, the researchers presented 20 healthy newborns with a video of another baby's face being touched on the cheek with a soft paintbrush while the newborns' corresponding cheeks were stroked either simultaneously or with a time delay.

“The researchers interpret their observations as evidence that babies have the essential ingredients for body perception”

The findings may help in understanding disorders characterised by a lack of self-awareness, and the researchers call for additional research, particularly in the context of autism. The study is published in the journal Current Biology, a Cell Press publication.

By Ruchi Shah


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