Is Zumba Fitness Safe For My Knees?

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February 26, 2018
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Does Zumba Fitness Cause Knee Injuries? If I Already Have A Knee Injury Should I Consider Joining A Zumba Fitness Class? Here are 6 ground rules every client is supposed to check before stepping into a fitness class.

Is Zumba Fitness safe for my knees?

Is Zumba Fitness safe for my knees?

Is Zumba Fitness safe for knees? This is rather an important question to be answered, as a lot of people out there wanting to take Zumba Fitness Classes must be wondering how well will their bodies be able to cope up with it, OR, is the activity in itself as we call 'KNEE SAFE'

Let us first get to the main point…

Every physical activity is scientifically proven, well researched and strongly supported with a lot of experimental proof so as to be used or even termed as a fitness activity, so where is the question of it being termed as unsafe?

As Clients, all of us need to be aware of certain measures so as to make sure the activity of interest is “safe” for us to participate in.

You are investing in your health so look out for long term health benefits instead of short term financial gains


If you chose to join a particular activity the least you should know is whether the instructor has the required certifications to take that class. If you want the activity to be ‘safe’ he or she should have a valid license to teach, or should have been trained from a valid institute. Be it Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba or something as new as Masala Bhangra, all of them have certification courses. Don’t feel shy to ask your instructor if he is qualified to teach you, remember it is at the cost of your health.


Now if we are contemplating to join an activity which is impactive you need to make sure the class is conducted in a place that is ‘safe’ for impact workouts. Our joints have some amount of fluids to absorb shocks, and so do a few shoes these days. But this is not enough to absorb the shock of an impact activity. If you join a Zumba Fitness class that is conducted on tiles or marble flooring, beware, you have put you body to a test. Marble and tiles are hard surfaces, when you jump, the floor thrusts all the impact all the way back to your ankle and knee joints. Thus causing an uneasiness and tingling sensation in your knees and ankles. Make sure the activity is conducted on a flooring such as wooden, wooden suspended, rubber matted, gym floors or in the last resort carpeted floor. Why? These surfaces are made for impact, they sink when you jump, thus transferring the impact of your jump to the floor and not on your joints.


Evolution has benefited us in some way at least, one of it is shoe modelling. Every shoe made today has a purpose for its design. Some shoes are meant for running, some for dancing, some for aerobics etc. When you enroll yourself for an activity like Zumba Fitness, you need to make sure that the sole of your shoe is not too grooved or something that offers resistance. These shoes are meant for gymmers and runners, Zumba requires a rather smoother sole that allows gliding and lateral movements. Step Aerobics requires gripped shoes to allow stability on the stepper. Dance again requires shoes with lesser groves to allow gliding movements. So have a look at the sole of your shoe first, to see if that’s a problem for your current activity.


It is very important as clients that we share our medical histories with our instructors. If you already face aches and pains find out if this activity is meant for you, or what are the things you need to keep in mind to avoid stress on your joints, so that they grow stronger not weaker. Make sure the instructor is aware of your discomforts, to get a list of avoid movements. Most importantly do as much as your body can deliver, DO NOT over do in excitement. You know your body better than the person instructing you. Allow you body to open up into the movement and ease into the activity.


Make sure your instructor knows the science behind the human body. A lot of instructors today turn into this profession as the easiest source to earn a quick buck, he or she does not have any knowledge about what can cause injuries or what can be done to prevent people with injuries from suffering with activity. Do a background check, find out if he or she has had clients previously with injuries or have worked with people with your condition, or are you going to be the experiment.


Have you visited the doctor or the physiotherapist to get advice on your injury? If not, don’t delay. It is of utmost importance that you get yourself medicated or undergo certain therapies to better your discomforts. Ask your doc if it is safe for you to perform the activity you have decided to. Take an expert opinion. Always, I mean always wear a knee cap (for people with knee injuries) during any kind of activity, this is to avoid abrupt knee movements, since we already have a condition to deal with.

To conclude, let me reveal a secret, I have a knee injury since childhood (since the age of 13) and I am a Zumba Fitness instructor, conducting classes since the year 2010, that too about 3 classes a day. I am the answer to your question. Good Luck

By ZIN Swetha Jairam


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