Zumba as a Career

Zumba Fitness at Kemps Corner with Zumba Fitness Instructor ZIN Swetha Jairam
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
September 25, 2017
Zumba classes at kemps corner
Research Expert Panel Member ZIN Swetha Jairam

Zumba as a Career at Zumba Fitness Mumbai

zumba as a career at zumba fitness mumbai

zumba as a career at zumba fitness mumbai

Zumba is becoming a cool new form of workout in India but how effective is it?
Zumba Fitness is a Latin-Inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness party and it works for weight loss, weight management, fat loss and body toning. It takes the basic steps from Latin dance styles like the Meringue, Cumbia, Salsa, Latin-pop, Reggaetton, Bachhata, Calypso, Samba etc and merges a fitness formula to it. In Zumba you work out from head to toe using muscles you would otherwise never have used in a normal gym class. Its tagline ‘Party Yourself into Shape’ explains the reason for its popularity. It’s Dance; it’s Fitness; it’s Fun. You come out of a Zumba Fitness class with a lot more energy; with a bag full of stress out of your system and most importantly with a smile. Zumba uses all the basic fitness formulas. It works on the concept of intermittent training, i.e. a fast paced track that sends your heart rate racing which increases your stamina, followed by a slow paced song breaking you into a sweat, toning your muscles and burning more fat than ever. With Zumba one can lose weight and tone up rather quickly and reach a fitness-high and that too in a fun way. In a typical Zumba class you can burn about 700-1000 calories; all this in just one hour of pure fun.

Is it a prospective career option and what is the scope for an instructor in India?
There is currently a need for innovative fitness techniques in the health industry. People are eager to try out new forms of fitness especially those that are not from the stereotypical exercise point of view. Hence it becomes a great career opportunity for young fitness enthusiasts. The scope is unimaginable. It can be in the form of personal classes, small group classes or as big as corporate classes or even bigger events. Zumba as a Career at Zumba Fitness Mumbai

Who can become a zumba instructor and what is the certification required to practice as an instructor?
Anyone who has a keen interest in the field of health, fitness and dance can take a courageous step forward and make this their field of expertise. Zumba Fitness has professional Zumba Educational Specialists (ZES) who are authorized to conduct training programs and certify aspiring instructors.

Does it involve a lot of financial investment and how long before one can stand to gain a pretty penny?
Like any other fitness certification programs, this one also requires an initial investment. It can range anywhere from 250$ – 300$ for the certificate course.
Depending on the capability of the individual aspirant one can start to gain within the first few months itself.

Is it a monetarily beneficial career option?
The earning of a Zumba Instructor is based on the way the individual runs his or her classes. So this can be very subjective. It can range from 15000 to over a lakh depending on the business model chosen.

What would you say are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a zumba instructor?
I see more advantages than disadvantages. It is a blessing to be able to touch peoples’ lives through this medium. I have had clients that not only showed improvements in the health and fitness parameters but also in their emotional well-being. Most importantly you work for only about 2-3 hours a day. As instructors we maintain our health and fitness levels while making others healthy. And the list can go on.

The only disadvantage I see today is only in cases where you over estimate the number of classes that you can conduct as an individual and end up in a complete burn-out situation.

Do you think Zumba will be a big trend in 2014?
Zumba Fitness has gained lot of popularity in the recent past. To me, it surely is the beginning of an all new way of living. It is definitely one of the huge trends of 2014 and something people should look forward to.

Zumba as a Career at Zumba Fitness Mumbai

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Meet the Zumba Fitness Mumbai Team

  • Research Expert Panel Member ZIN Swetha Jairam
    Zumba Fitness Instructor ZIN Swetha Jairam

    ZIN Swetha Jairam is a Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor, in the fields of Zumba Basic I, Zumba Basic II and Aqua Zumba

    Swetha is a Graduate in Life Science and Biochemistry as a double major with Honors and a Masters in Psychology.
    Skill Sets
    Swetha is a Zumba Fitness Instructor Certified in Basic I and Basic II, an Aqua Zumba Instructor, a Lifestyle Coach, a Fitness Counselor, a Wellness Counselor, as well as a Weight Loss Counselor.
  • Best-Zumba-Fitness-Instructor-Gitanjali-Bakshi
    Zumba Fitness Instructor Gitanjali Bakshi

    Gitanjali received her certification as a Fitness Trainer in floor and step aerobics and weight training in 2001

    Student of JB Petit and further to that completed her undergraduate degree in Denison University, Ohio.
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    She is a Zumba Fitness Instructor certified in Zumba Basic I and a Floor and Step Aerobics Trainer and also a Weight Trainer.
  • Diet Counselor Preeti Jain
    Nutritionist Preeti Jain

    Nutritionist Preeti jain has been a part of this team since 2013, as a diet counselor

    Preeti is a Graduate in Food Science and Nutrition and is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Nutrition.
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    Preeti is a weight loss counselor and has a expertise in Diabetic Nutrition Counseling.
  • Sports Nutritionist Ruchi Shah
    Nutritionist Ruchi Shah

    Ruchi Shah is a well known Sports Nutritionist and a Diet Counselor for those keen on Weight Loss as well.

    Completed her Bachelor’s in Biochemistry and currently pursuing her Masters in Sports Nutrition from the best college of Mumbai
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    Ruchi is a well known Sports Nutritionist and a weight loss Diet Expert. She also specialises is Athletic Meal Planning.
  • Sports Nutritionist Krupali Shah
    Nutritionist Krupali Shah

    Krupali Shah has been a part of this team since 2013 as a weight loss counselor.

    Krupali is Graduate in Biochemistry and is currently pursuing her Masters in Sports Nutrition from Nirmala Niketan.
    Skill Sets
    Krupali is a well known Sports Nutritionist as well as a Weight Loss Counselor.


By Swetha Jairam

"I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Swetha Jairam who is a professional Zumba fitness instructor and a dedicated personal trainer. Swetha served as my instructor for weight loss and body fitness. Her expertise and persistence in these capacities have been helpful in my work as well as my personal life. Swetha's indescribable workouts are matched by a wonderful sense of humor, and her vigorous drive is inspirational. I would not hesitate to consult Swetha for any future projects and am pleased to say that he would be an asset to any fitness program. She came highly recommended to me and went beyond all expectations that I had."
Mrs. Rajni Mehta - CEO Sales.