Weather change, feeling sick? Here’s what you have to do !

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February 23, 2017
Research Expert Panel Member ZIN Swetha Jairam
Research Expert Panel Member ZIN Swetha Jairam

Weather change, feeling sick? Here’s what you have to do !


So it’s raining in February and March, how weird can it get. Blame it on Global Warming !!! It’s “Swine Flu” everywhere and Medical Experts, Doctors are coming up with new vaccines, drugs and preventive measures.

Seasonal change lowers your immunity drastically, since your body is in constant change of adjusting body temperature to keep you healthy and fit, and to do that it needs good nutrition, cleanliness, heat and exercise with certain limitations (that’s always the funda !)


Flu is a very serious illness, it occurs when your immunity is down, when your white blood cells are not very active and thus your body provides a breeding ground. is characterized by the quite sudden onset of feverishness, with a sore throat and nasal discharge, chills, headache, muscle aches and loss of appetite, usually with fever of 100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Over the next few days, the general symptoms may improve but the local symptoms (sore throat, cough) get worse. Flu can lead to serious complications, including bronchitis, viral or bacterial pneumonia and even death in elderly and chronically ill patients.

But it’s tricky to exercise when you have flu, While mild exercise can help boost your immune system, you may want to be gentle on yourself if you already have the flu. That’s when it’s time to listen to your body, and give it time to recover.

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The bottom line? Rest your body when you have the flu. Allow your body a chance to adjust to the stress of illness. Your immune system functions best when it is not stressed or in overdrive.

Talking of food, its always advisable to go easily digestible, soft foods with restriction of extreme flavours and spices. Organic foods are rich in antioxidants, thus prove to be good sources of food army.

Cleanliness during Sickness

Cleanliness during Sickness

Cleanliness is another factor when talking of flu. Flu is communicable disease. You don’t want your loved one’s to suffer from illness right ? Keep a different set of clothes for yourself. Washing hands frequently is a good habit. Having a different set of toilet accessories for yourself is one of the anti-communicable methods.

Lastly, keep yourself warm. Drink warm fluids and foods, rub your palms frequently to generate some heat. Do a little stretch when you are constantly sleeping or sitting at one place.

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