Interactive session in the Social Kitchen platform organised by Fisher & Paykel along side Celebrity Chef Ritu Dalmia and Master Chef New Zealand winner Nadia Lim.

India saw it’s first ever ZUMBA FITNESS AT THE MUMBAI TASTE FESTIVAL in Mumbai, the MUMBAI TASTE FESTIVAL held in March 2013. It was a prestigious platform for internationally acclaimed chef’s to showcase their talents and interact with mumbaikars. The taste festival saw its first ever fitness culmination with leading Zumba Fitness Instructor ZIN Swetha Jairam taking part in an interactive session in the Social Kitchen platform organised by Fisher & Paykel along side Celebrity Chef Ritu Dalmia and Master Chef New Zealand winner Nadia Lim.
Fisher & Paykel was one of the major sponsors for the event called “Taste of Mumbai” which was held on March 22-24, 2013. Fisher & Paykel owns one of the major properties of Taste, The Taste Theatre, where MasterChef’s from all over the world and Chef extraordinaire Ritu Dalmia demonstrated cooking techniques and displayed some of the world’s best gourmet dishes at the venue.

The Taste Festival is an internationally acclaimed series of food and drink festivals which was launching in India with the Taste of Mumbai. Taste Festival is a high-quality food and drink consumer event where the host city’s most prestigious restaurants and celebrated chefs serve sample-sized signature dishes to visitors in an outdoor city centre venue.

One of the sessions was based on health and fitness where Chef Extra ordinaire Ritu Dalmia and Nadia Lin cooked a healthy low calorie post workout meal special based on the current fitness needs of the people and guidance of ZIN Swetha Jairam. It was typically a complex carbohyrate, high protein and a low calorie meal which was also rich in anti-oxidents which was a complete post-workout meal option for those who workout right but don’t eat right for maximum results.

ZIN Swetha is one of the leading Zumba Fitness Instructors in Mumbai with classes running all over South Mumbai. She has also been a Celebrity Trainer working her way with leading Bollywood Stars through Zumba Fitness. She is not only a Zumba Fitness Instructor but also a Weight-loss Counselor, Lifestyle Coach as well as a trained professional Bharatnatyam Artiste. She is also known for her innovative choreographies at various events. She is a dancer and a fitness expert with a scientific bent of mind and her Vision is to help people reach out to a healthier lifestyle through a medium of dance fitness.