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Zumba Fitness In Ghatkopar. Mumbai

Zumba Fitness now at Ghatkopar at Concept 360

What is Zumba Fitness???

Zumba Fitness is a Latin-Inspired form of dance for Weight Loss, Weight Management and Body Toning. It utilizes the Latin dance styles, like the Merengue, Salsa, Latin-pop, Cumbia, Reggaeton etc. It in a fitness regime, that not only works out every inch of your body, but gives you a fitness high.

best Zumba fitness Instructor swetha jairam
best Zumba fitness Instructor swetha jairam

Zumba Fitness Classes in Mumbai


  •  Do You have to be a dancer to take a class? 

No, You can have two left feet and still take a Zumba Fitness class. Zumba Fitness is all about movement, its about exercise, you don’t have to be the worlds best dancer to take a class. Zumba Fitness has easy to follow steps, all you have to do is follow the lead of the instructor and keep moving.

  • I’m a complete beginner, can i take a Zumba Class without prior knowledge?

Yes, of course. No one comes to a Zumba Class with prior knowledge, everyone learns by following the simple cues of the instructor. The choreography is easy to follow and the music is highly exhilarating. It will take you 3 classes to get a complete hang of whats happening and then you are as good as the instructor herself!!!

  • How many calories do i burn in an hour of Zumba Fitness Class?

Calorie burning differs from person to person, depending on the basal metabolic rate of the individual. On an average one burns anywhere from 400-900 calories depending on the individuals intensity of workout.

  • How does Zumba Help in Weight Loss?

Zumba Fitness classes have an intermittent training schedule where in the individual does a high intensity song followed by a low intensity one, this helps in increased calorie burn and fat loss which aids weight loss.

  • Will Zumba Help me shape up?

Of Course, Zumba Fitness utilizes Latin form of dance hence, the steps involve intricate abdominal movements and steps. One works out more number of muscles in one single action in Zumba than in one kind of workout in the gym. Thus one finds an immediate results in inch loss especially around the abdominal region and lower body.

  • Will Zumba Fitness harm my knees or back?

Zumba Fitness is knee and back safe, provided it is done on the right kind of flooring, Zumba Fitness like any other high impact activity must be done on a flooring that can absorb the shock of an impact, example, wooden, rubber matting, carpeted, gym flooring etc. Zumba or rather any kind of high impact activity should not be done on tiles or marble flooring as it will hit back on your joints and cause injuries. So more than Zumba one should worry about where it is being conducted.

  • What should i wear/carry for a Zumba Fitness Class?

One should be in comfortable clothing, one in which you could squat. lunge and dance without hindrance. Sports shoes is a must for class and you should always carry a bottle of water to hydrate yourself and a napkin.

  • I have an existing knee injury, can i do Zumba?

Just because you have an injury doesn’t mean you can’t workout, but first consult your physician, take one trial class to see how your body reacts to the exercise form, most importantly inform the instructor about your injury prior to the class. People with a susceptible knee problem, should always wear a knee brace to avoid unnecessary movement. Most importantly, you  understand your body better than any one else, keep your range of movement to an extent that you are confortable with, don’t push your body to match up to the class, allow your body to get used to the new form of exercise and then you should be good to go.

  •  What is ZUMBA Fitness?

Zumba Fitness Classes: Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow dance fitness party. Zumba Fitness uses the basic Latin styles, like the Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Latin-Pop, Reggaetton and puts it in a high energy, calorie burning dance fitness choreography, so that you lose weight and tone up from head to toe.

  •  Why Swetha Jairam?

Swetha Jairam has been conducting Zumba Fitness Classes since the year 2010 and has been the most loved and most popular Zumba Fitness Instructor in Mumbai. She has a huge list of happy client testimonials, with huge success stories to share. She has been a part of the research panel of the first ever research study conducted on Zumba Fitness in India. This is what Swetha has to say about the popularity of this exercise form, “Zumba is a highly popular kind of dance fitness workout, because it uses Latin rhythms, international music and spicy dance styles to achieve something as monotonous as weight loss, inch loss and fitness benefits. People enjoy going to a Zumba Fitness class because it is a fun way to lose weight and shed some calories. One has no account of how much time has gone by, all they are concerned about is which is the next song. Within the song you never realise how much of exercise is going in there cause you’re just having FUN, no wonder the slogan screams, “Party Yourself Into Shape” Zumba Fitness is a Fitness Party, where you shape up, tone up, burn some calories and shed some kilos is the funnest way possible.”

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