Dance As A Form Of Exercise

Dance As A Form Of Exercise


Is dance an ideal form of exercise? Does it work our muscles as much as a Gym activity can? Can I join a dance class to lose weight? What are the benefits?

Dance As A Form Of Exercise
Dance As A Form Of Exercise

These are some of the many questions that one can think of when you chose dance as a form of exercise. In a real case scenario for a fitness activity would one join a dance class or a gym?

[cro_callout text=”Coming from the dance and fitness fraternity, and being a Zumba Fitness Instructor since 2010, in my opinion dance is a very good form of exercise. How? Let me take you through a few facts for you to conclude your decision.” layout=”1″ color=”1″]

Exercise is an activity chosen to keep yourself fit. By fit, we mean an individual should be able to perform his or her day to day activities with ease, avoid or delay aches and injuries and most importantly be active through the day without getting exhausted or as we call ‘physical burn out’. So then what all can we include under exercise activities? Gym, Aerobics, Dance, Yoga, Zumba, Kick Boxing, Pilates, Swimming, Sports, Athletics… and many more..

Expert Speak : “An activity that can be continued over a period of time, that gives you happiness and motivates you to keep going back to class and perform better all for the reason of good health should be considered as the best form of exercise for you.”

How many of us have paid thousands on a gym membership and have failed to motivate ourselves to head into exercise mode? Is gym then the best exercise in town? Absolutely not. Try out something you love rather then convention techniques.

This article will help you understand if Dance can actually be called ‘A Workout’. Let’s break it up and understand it’s benefits over traditional fitness methods.

Music: Firstly dance involves music, good music, fun music, music of your choice that brings out an element of you. Music plays an important role to eliminate you from thinking and worrying and channelizing your negative energies through a positive medium. Music has a great psychological impact on individuals, it helps you traverse into another world, leaving all your worries and problems, and sometimes even helps you get better solutions to them.

Rhythm:Everything in our body works in rhythm. Your heart beats in rhythm, we have a sleep rhythm, we have a food rhythm. Dance gives you a psychological rhythmic balance, through body and mind, movement and music. Grove to one of your favorite tracks you will know exactly what it means.

Expression: Dance they say is best form of self expression. When we have bottled up emotions within us, we are filled with energies, but of a negative kind. We need a way to channelise these energies in a way it benefits us. Then what better way than dance. It takes away your negative emotions, transfers them into energies, and utilizes it for improvement of health and mental stability. Dancers are said to be happier and rather stable people.

These were emotional reasons to join a dance class. We still haven’t answered if it is indeed a form of exercise or not.

Fitness: Dance, firstly, is a great form of cardiovascular or as we say endurance training. It takes your heart rate high and makes your heart stronger. Hence helping you remain active through the day, without feeling too tired or lethargic.

Secondly, dance utilizes all body parts simultaneously thus working various muscle groups together in a fashion that a gym equipment or static exercising. Thirdly, dancing works out those muscles that you wouldn’t conventionally be worked on in a gym.

In a gym class you are either doing a cardiovascular exercise or a strength activity, but in a dance class, you end up doing both simultaneously, and this scientifically has been proven to have a better effect on an individuals fitness levels. Dance works on an ideology of intermittent training, i.e strength and cardio activity follow each other without a fixed time limit, which enhances heart and muscle performance.

[cro_callout text=”Most importantly people love going to a dance class, there are higher chances for it to be a form of a regular activity rather than just a recreational activity. Every individual in a dance class is smiling (not usually observed in a gym class i must say) and release their stress in a much positive way, benefiting their mind and body. ” layout=”1″ color=”1″]

Try out a Zumba Fitness class and feel the difference, Feel the fitness high that you would never feel in traditional forms of exercising. Do something that makes you happy.. Let’s do some Zumba!!!


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