can i workout during period

I am on my 2nd Day of Period :- The Universal Excuse

I am on my 2nd Day of Period :- The Universal Excuse

can i workout during period


We’ve all used the universal excuse to get away from our regular “workouts” I am Chumming,

Or I am on my second day, I can’t even walk whilst chumming. etc. etc….

It’s a huge list to avoid doing exercises right?



Well my answer, ask a female fitness instructor if she ever takes an off on

“Mahine Ke Vo Pach Din” (LOL!!!)

So hers breaking the king of all MYTHS!!!

It’s absolutely OK to exercises whilst in your menses. excuses for not working outYes of course there are some exercises that you must avoid, those include a few yoga poses where in you are completely positioned upside down handstands, head stands and plough pose. These three poses require you to place your head upside down which causes the blood vessels in your uterus to be in a situation called “Vascular congestion” which eventually causes heavy flow. A part from this or any other exercises that requires your head to be placed upside down, every other exercises is SAFE.

Scientifically, any form of exercises helps you relieve the annoying feeling of menstrual cramps, anxiety and or Depression that one might feel during periods.


working out during periods

Surprised!!! Hormonally you are manlier during your Menses which gives you a little additional push to pick up those extra pounds at the gym or even run an extra mile for that matter with ease. During your periods, the female hormone, i.e. Progesterone & Estrogen are at their lowest and Testosterone (the male hormone) which is anyways present is more prominent. This gives you that additional drive to make your workout pain free. While during the rest of the month your body is just preparing to carry a baby, your body is completely relaxed during your periods, yes sounds weird right?

So Next time you in that phase of your menstrual cycle, use that time to benefit the maximum from your workout.


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