Lifestyle Diseases and Disorders and how Zumba could help you improve your Lifestyle

LifeStyle Diseases and Disorders

Find out about Lifestyle Diseases and Disorders?

Zumba could help you improve your Lifestyle

Lifestyle diseases characterize those diseases whose occurrence is primarily based on the daily habits of people and are a result of an inappropriate relationship of people with their environment. The main factors contributing to lifestyle diseases include bad food habits, physical inactivity, wrong body posture, and disturbed biological clock. A report, jointly prepared by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum, says India will incur an accumulated loss of $236.6 billion by 2015 on account of unhealthy lifestyles and faulty diet.

According to the report, 60% of all deaths worldwide in 2005 (35 million) resulted from no communicable diseases and accounted for 44% of premature deaths.


According to a survey conducted by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASSOC-HAM), 68% of working women in the age bracket of 21-52 years were found to be afflicted with lifestyle ailments such as obesity, depression, chronic backache, diabetes and hypertension. The study ‘Preventive Healthcare and Corporate Female Workforce’ also said that long hours and working under strict deadlines cause up to 75% of working women to suffer from depression or general anxiety disorder, compared to women with lesser levels of psychological demand at work. The study cited scientific evidence that healthy diet and adequate physical activity – at least 30 minutes of moderate activity at least five days a week – helped prevent NCDs.

In India, 10% of adults suffer from hypertension while the country is home to 25-30 million diabetics. Three out of every 1,000 people suffer a stroke. The number of deaths due to heart attack is projected to increase from 1.2 million to 2 million in 2010.

Metabolic syndrome is a significant public health issue both in developed & developing world & in its prevalence is rapidly increasing in developing world due to increasing urbanization & change in lifestyle. In India prevalence of metabolic syndrome varies from 8-46% in men & women respectively.
Diabetic population in India is estimated to rise to 87 million by 2030, with type2 diabetes mellitus accounting for 85-95% of all reported cases of diabetes. Since India has or will have the largest T2DM population in the world, same can be hypothesized for MS(since patient with MS also have insulin receptor substrates(IRS)which confers a risk for T2DM.

Some of the common diseases encountered because of occupational lifestyle are Alzheimer’s disease, arteriosclerosis, cancer, chronic liver disease/cirrhosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, nephritis/CRF, and stroke.

So, A healthy lifestyle must be adopted to combat these diseases with a proper balanced diet, physical activity and by giving due respect to biological clock. People spending too much time slouched in front of the TV or PCs, should be encourage to find a physical sport or activity they enjoy. Fun exercises should be encouraged into family outings. A pizza-and-video evening should be replaced for a hike and picnic.. To decrease the ailments caused by occupational postures, one should avoid long sitting hours and should take frequent breaks for stretching or for other works involving physical movements postures, one should avoid long sitting hours and should take frequent breaks for stretching or for other works involving physical movements

By Swetha Jairam

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