Low Sodium Accompaniments for Hypertensives

Reducing sodium intake lowers blood pressure in people with high and borderline high blood pressure. Reducing sodium can also help to prevent the collection of fluid in the lower legs or abdomen. People with chronic kidney disease must control sodium intake to prevent volume overload, which increases blood pressure and causes swelling.


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1. Guava chutney

guava-chutney- low sodium accompainments


Guava : 25 gm
Mint : 5 gm
Sugar :10 gm
Lemon: ½ no
Green chilli: ½ no
Method: Clean and wash mint, green chilli and guava. Grind together with sugar.
Squeeze the lime juice before serving 




2. Cocum chutney


Cocum : 10gm
Roasted jeera: ¼ tsp
Sugar: 10 gm


Method: grind all the ingredients together and serve



low sodium accompaniments for hypertensives
low sodium accompaniments for hypertensives


3. Garlic chutney

Garlic: 4‐5 flakes
Vinegar: 5ml
Chilli powder: pinch


Method: grind the garlic flakes after cleaning along with vinegar and chilli powder.


4. Date and tamarind chutney


Dates : 5gm
Tamarind : 10gm
Jaggery: 15gm
Chilli Powder: pinch


clean and deseed the dates. Grind dates, tamarind, jiggery and chilli powder together.


5. Capsicum in vinegar

capsicum-in-vinegar-low sodium accompainments
capsicum-in-vinegar-low sodium accompainments




Capsicum: 15 gm
Vinegar: 15 gm
Water : 25 ml

Method :

clean and shred the capsicum.
Add vinegar and water to it. keep for ½ hour and then serve along with meals.




6. Garlic and onion in vinegar

onion garlic in vinegar-low sodium accompainments


Onion: 15 gm
Garlic : 2-3 flakes
Vinegar: 15ml
Water: 25ml


clean and shred the onion and garlic.
Add vinegar and water to it. keep for ½ hour and then serve along with meals.


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