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Health and Fitness Articles are one of the fastest ways of reaching out to the mass and spreading awareness about active living. Swetha Jairam has been a fitness lover and a fitness enthusiast since 2010 and has a keen interest in reaching out to people from a way of print media and online publications to help spread the word of health and fitness and contribute in whatever little way she can towards the betterment of the readers.

Swetha has a way of writing that can touch peoples lives instantly and can make a huge difference in their way of perceiving the topic of health and fitness. Her vision is to reach out to the masses and help them change their lifestyles and adopt healthier and active lifestyles for better living.

This is was Swetha has to say, “Today the youth faces a huge obesity crisis. A few years ago what seemed like a disease to us is now a disorder with one in every 10 people, Obesity being the most popular having the others just following, be it PCOS, Diabetes, Cholesterol etc. It is very important for fitness professionals to reach out to these young kids and help them mould themselves so that they could be the medium to save the next generation.”

Swetha has contributed to various print and online media publications such as the Forbes India, Afternoon Dispatch and Courier, The Hindu, Women’s Era, and many more. You can read a few of her publications below. Zumba Fitness Mumbai lead by ZIN Swetha Jairam would love to call themselves the begining of a Fitness Movement for a fitter and healthier tomorrow.

Health and Fitness Article Writing

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By Swetha Jairam


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