Signs that you have calcium deficiency

Signs that you have calcium deficiency

Signs that you have calcium deficiency

Signs that you have calcium deficiency
Signs that you have calcium deficiency

Calcium is a very important nutrient, especially for women. Calcium helps to build strong bones and teeth. It also helps to promote a regular heartbeat, helps our blood to clot properly, and helps to conduct nerve impulses correctly.We can also take calcium supplements to help ensure we are taking an adequate amount (which is anywhere from 1,000 mg. up to 1,500 mg. a day depending on age).

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Muscle Cramping can be an early sign that you are developing a calcium deficiency. These types of cramps generally occur at night, especially in the legs.

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A common calcium deficiency sign can be seen in your skin and your nails. When your skin becomes dry and your fingernails become brittle (break easily), you could be lacking from calcium. If these symptoms are present, you may also want to check to see if your teeth are becoming yellow. The teeth and the bones can be severely affected from a lack of calcium.

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A woman may begin experience more cramping or a change in her menstrual flow if she is suffering from a calcium deficiency. Adding more calcium to a diet may ease these symptoms.

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If you begin to suffer from several small bone fractures or full bone breakage, you should really evaluate the amount of calcium in your diet. This is a severe symptom of calcium deficiency.

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