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Swetha Jairam is one of the most sought after Zumba Fitness Professional, and has been following her passion for fitness since the year 2010. Swetha Zumba Fitness Expert in Mumbai, Weight Loss Counselor, Life Style Coach, Bharatnatyam Dancer, Professional Choreography

Working women are prone to increased risk of lifestyle related diseases. A study quotes that, 68 per cent of the working females surveyed under the age bracket of 21-52 years were afflicted with lifestyle disease such as obesity, depression, chronic backache, diabetes, hypertension etc. Experts forecast that by 2020 nearly half the deaths will occur from complications of lifestyle diseases in India.

SO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS? Join the ZUMBA FITNESS INITIATIVE with leading instructor ZIN SWETHA JAIRAM and her core team to closely work with you and help you dance your way through an ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.

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For those who are sitting on fence about whether or not ZUMBA is for you? Check out these healthy benefits of Boogie-ing down in a Zumba Class.

1) Its  a HUGE CALORIE BURNER : One hour of a Zumba Class can help you bur upto a 1000 Calories, which is much much more than jogging on the tredmill for 45min.

2) You TONE from head to toe : Zumba not only incorporates lunges and squats but also a lot of hand and core movements which invariably tones the muscles you thought never even existed.

3) Take the ‘WORK’ out of ‘WORKING-OUT’ : You willl never know how time runs through when you take a Zumba Class, cause all your doing is having FUN !!

4) Amazing RESULTS in just days : Not only is ZUMBA fun, but you see weight loss and Inch loss results in just days.

5) It works for all AGES : All adults can participate in the class. Men and Women from the age of 16 all the way to 60+ can take a Zumba Class.

6) Its a great STRESS-BUSTER : Dancing releases ‘Happy Hormones’ which helps you release all the stress bottled up during your day, leaving you refreshed and full of energy.

7) Zumba can be done by ANYONE : Whether you are a first timer in exercising or been doing it for years, Zumba can be adapted by you to enhance your fitness levels at any stage.

8) Its a great way to get SOCIAL : Zumba is a group fitness class, you get to know and interract with a lot of people which will hep you develop is many different ways.

9) It gives you a greater AWARENESS of you body : Zumba utilizes muscles that a regular work out would not. It helps you develop and shape up in ways that would make you wonder !!

10) You feel HAPPY : The best part about a Zumba Class is that, you leave the class with a SMILE, and it is something you get hooked on to and keep coming back for more !!!


So what more are you waiting for ? Lets ZUMBAAAAA….

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Research Expert Panel Member ZIN Swetha Jairam
Research Expert Panel Member ZIN Swetha Jairam

My philosophy as the First Authentic Certified Zumba Instructor in Mumbai, Weight Loss Counselor, Life Style Coach and Bharatnatyam Dancer is that we all must find the right balance. This means balance with muscular strength, physical endurance, nutrition, flexibility, rest and mental stimulation. All of my clients come to me with different goals and different needs. I always start my job by getting all of these components back in balance, with the appropriate intensity in each category to achieve the goals set for each person.

I have been taking Professional Zumba Fitness Classes since 2010, prior to which I was a Professional Bharatnatyam Dancer. After all the years I dedicated to my own personal athletic achievements, the progression to fitness training was very natural. Along with college, I have collected some of the best recognized certifications in the Fitness World. I have well over 24 years of experience as a Professional Bharatnatyam Dancer, 2+ years in Zumba Fitness Training, and countless success stories. In fact, I am the First Authentic Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor in Mumbai.

Academically i have done my Graduation in Life Sciences and Biochemistry and my Masters in Psychology, and started my fitness career in the year 2008 as a Weight Loss Counselor and Life Style Coach working with a team of professionals on lifestyle shifts and behavior modification to aid weight loss and methods of keeping the lost weight out permanently. I have been passionate about dance since childhood and I am a Professional Bharatnatyam Dancer and learnt the art under the guidance of Guru “Shree Kalyanasundaram” from the age of 4. Since then my passion for fitness and love for dance never seemed to take a back seat. Since the year 2010, I have been actively taking Zumba Fitness classes in 6 locations in Mumbai and there has been no turning back since then.

My clientele is very broad based. I have worked with beginners with very little or no background in fitness or nutrition. I also have designed intense workouts for the advanced level weight loss who needs special fitness training. I have experience working with special needs and many different types of injuries. I enjoy working with all levels of fitness and skill.


The first step is to understand what the goals are and then make a program to match the goals. The next step is to stay true and strong to the program. I love what I do; helping my clients get their goals in place and executing a plan to make their physical dreams come true.
By Swetha Jairam


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