Disadvantages of Atkins Diet

Zumba Diet Mantra

Zumba Diet Mantra

Fitness expert Swetha Jairam


[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 1″ item=”” ]Simplicity is profound – don’t complicate simple thing as eating or feeding yourself, just follow one thing – EAT RIGHT QUANTITY AND QUALITY OF FOOD AT RIGHT TIME. MODERATION IS THE KEY.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 2″ item=”” ]Eating correctly has to be our lifelong commitment, and our diet should be reflection of this.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 3″ item=”” ]There is no such thing as going ‘on’ or ‘off’ your diet.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 4″ item=”” ]For diets to work, they have to be PERSONALIZED based on your ACTIVITY, WORK LIFE, LIFESTYLE, FITNESS LEVELS, LIKES, DISLIKES, GENETICS, etc. Just as everyone is different, everyone’s diets have to be different too. Don’t try someone else’s regime.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 5″ item=”” ]Basics of your diet/healthy living remain the same regardless of your shape, size, gender, age, nationality, etc.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 6″ item=”” ]ALL FOOD IS GOOD and contains nutrients which have their own role to play in our body. Don’t make angels and demons out of different foods: they’re all just as good or bad for you.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 7″ item=”” ]There is no bravery attached to weight loss instead what is most important is that you feel good about yourself, treat yourself well, be committed to eating properly and exercising regularly; and weight loss rather fat loss will just happen.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 8″ item=”” ]Diet is not starvation. You must eat to lose weight.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 9″ item=”” ]Dieting is not about ‘going on’ a diet. Never go on a diet; modify your lifestyle.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 10″ item=”” ]There is nothing like ‘punishment or compensation diets’.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 11″ item=”” ]Extreme diets just don’t work, don’t go for diet plans which deprive you of food or make you eat only one type of food. They are not sustainable.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 12″ item=”” ]The human body is designed for continuous activity. Any programme which discourages you from exercising is worthless. Exercise is non-negotiable. Unless you exercise, you’ll never see enough of result, despite all your good eating habits.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 13″ item=”active” ]Make sure you know what’s in low fat or sugar free foods, they aren’t all that healthy, and should not be consumed in excess. If you must eat chakli or chips make them at home and fry them.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 14″ item=”” ]We associate our happiness with eating something or not eating something, thus we are looking for happiness in the wrong place. Happiness is within us and when we get in touch with ourselves, our true being, we will discover that happiness. Dieting or eating correctly, is a process, a learning tool, to go within. And when we see or experience that glimpse of reality within ourselves, it will (has to) reflect in our physical body.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 15″ item=”” ]If we want to get toned, muscular and popular, fitter, healthier, then we need to establish a good relationship with our stomach. One of mutual love and respect.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 16″ item=”” ]Loading the stomach when it has no capacity to digest is criminal. It’s human right violation.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 17″ item=”” ]As the sun goes down, so does our stomach’s digestion and assimilation ability. Its ability to digest food is highest between 7am to 10am.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 18″ item=”” ]Overeating can be defined as eating more than the body’s ability to digest at that point of time. If the stomach lacks the fire or the power to digest at a particular time, then even a slice of apple will amount to overeating. So overeating doesn’t just mean eating large quantity of food, it means eating that food at the wrong time.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 19″ item=”” ]You can keep the fire active through disciplined lifestyle, regular exercise and optimistic attitude.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 20″ item=”” ]The key to eating right is to focus while you eat: switch of the tv and mobile phone.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 21″ item=”” ]Stress can make you fat.[/cro_accordionitem]

[cro_accordionitem title=”Zumba Diet Mantra Tip 22″ item=”” ]It is better for you to have a paneer paratha than a pizza. How many nutrients a food has is much more important than how many calories.[/cro_accordionitem]



About Swetha Jairam

Swetha Jairam is a professional Zumba Fitness Instructor in Mumbai and has been a new age Fitness Guru since the year 2010. She is passionate about Psychology and has proven her worth as a Lifestyle coach by modifying peoples lifestyles using Behavioural Modification Techniques. Swetha is also a Weight Loss Counselor and has a huge list of happy clients.