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A Little About Zumba Fitness Expert Swetha Jairam

Swetha Jairam is an Indian Classical Dancer and has her roots in western forms of dance as well. She is well known for choreography of Weddings, Events, Sangeet, and various corporate shows. She is also one of the first ever authentic Zumba Fitness Instructors to bring Zumba Fitness to Mumbai.

Swetha has had a formal training in Bharatnatyam since the tender age of four. From a young age, she was exposed to Indian classical, folk dances and western style of dances.

Swetha is not only a dance artist but also a choreographer, performer and teacher engaged in the exploration and evolution of Bharata Natyam and Contemporary Indian dance and western dance forms. Her training includes 22 years of Bharata Natyam experience under the tutelage of her mentor Guru Kalyanasundaram and over 10 years training in Western and modern dance forms. She performed her Arangetram /solo dance debut in 1999. She began choreographing in both traditional and contemporary genres.

Academically i have done my Graduation in Life Sciences and Biochemistry and my Masters in Psychology, and started my fitness career in the year 2008 as a Weight Loss Counselor and Life Style Coach working with a team of professionals on lifestyle shifts and behavior modification to aid weight loss and methods of keeping the lost weight out permanently. I have been passionate about dance since childhood and I am a Professional Bharatnatyam Dancer and learnt the art under the guidance of Guru “Shree Kalyanasundaram” from the age of 4. Since then my passion for fitness and love for dance never seemed to take a back seat.

All the Gyaan about Workshops:

Zumba Fitness Mumbai conducts Zumba Fitness Workshops for Colleges, College Events, Corporates, Health Seminars and many more.

We believe in spreading awareness about health and healthy living, and what better way to begin this like in the form of a workshop.

A typical Zumba Fitness workshop is broken into two parts, the first part generally consists of an hour of Zumba Fitness class with leading Zumba Fitness Expert, ZIN Swetha Jairam, and the second part is a round of Q&A / Speech/ Lecture, where ZIN Swetha herself answers to the questions put forward by the participants. The reason why Zumba is done prior to any kind of speech, lecture or Q&A is because, it works as an ice breaker and the participants feel more comfortable in sharing their views and opinions in a public forum. This makes the workshop more interactive and beneficial to the participants and the organisers as well.

Types of Workshop:

1) Zumba Fitness Workshop: Consists on one hour of Zumba Fitness Class followed by 15min of Q&A

2) Zumba Fitness Seminar: Consists of one hour of Zumba Fitness Class followed by lecture/speech/presentation on fitness/health followed by Q&A

3) Health Seminar: One hour of lecture/speech/presentation on health and fitness followed by Q&A

Contact us for more details:

Currently I manage 7 venues in Mumbai (Gold’s Gym (Bandra), Gold’s Gym (Peddar Road), Walkeshwar, Kemps Corner, Worli, Malabar Hill, Lower Parel and Bombay Gymkhana). I am looking to meet like minded Zumba Fitness Instructors in Mumbai for business expansion.  







by Swetha Jairam

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